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  • Welcome to the Global Star

    Global star English center

    English language system the global star precursor IS the GHS Education development system, which is a collaboration among leading universities in Europe and Vietnam. With the mission of providing a comprehensive English education solution, overcoming the weaknesses of teaching and learning English in Vietnam and Asia.
    The Global Star System is proud to be a pioneer in the application of advanced European platform system to serve the work of teaching and management of the system of teachers and students with the purpose of becoming a leading quality English training system in Vietnam.
    In the past 6 years, the Global Star system has received the trust and love of the parents and students through the teaching and staff of enthusiastic teachers, always alongside side to support students in the utmost.
    In addition to the policy "commitment to quality of output" after learning is one of the things that we always pride ourselves in is one of the prestigious addresses so that parents can put their faith, give to send their beloved children.

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  • Education program

    Value of training program

    Divided into 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate, advanced for ages between 6-15 years old.
    Apply the online teaching method 1-1 (1 master with 1 game)

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    How have Global Star students progressed?

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