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About us


Home School Education Development Joint stock company was formed in 2016 with the cooperation between leading universities in Europe and Vietnam, aiming to find the most comprehensive training solution, bringing many programs and global expansion.

Our chairman Mr. Philippe Vermeulen is a Master of training at TOP Ten European reputation schools such as Kul Leuven University, American University AUV, UNIVERSITY in France, Germany, Spain… He is fluent in 5 languages, he currently helps coordinate, connect and cooperate with educational funds, major partners in Europe, America, Australia, Canada… To develop the education system in Vietnam and Asian countries.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh, entrepreneur of more than 10 years operating business, 5 years of participating in non-profit international education projects. She is currently the head of the European Education Foundation, which has participated in many activities in the countries of Europe, Asia.

Our Senior advisors on technology include Mr. Henry from the Belgian forxit group, Mr. Philip Tran developed E Learning with the American technology, Mr. Joe financial advisor in Canada… and representatives of advanced national education funds.


Global Home School is the organization and companion of its parents in many expanding domestic and foreign training programs, combined with funding funds and nonprofit education projects. At present, with nearly 8000 parents participating in the online education community “English Love Community” active in the field of cultural and language exchange, ready to go experience the country.

We focus on learning to use language, becoming a global citizen, and are willing to experience working in corporations, different countries with the spirit of “let’s speak to the world”.

With a high mission, 2020 we are pleased to welcome the advent of the Global Star English language system, to train and search for talented stars through training program in Vietnam. Global Star launches new educational products on a multi-dimensional interactive platform that prepares the European framework to overcome the weaknesses of English teaching and learning in Vietnam.

Proud to be the pioneer of technology applications in teaching, Global Star now becomes the top quality English training system in Vietnam with more than 100 international instructors, thousands of students with parents participating in home learning with a high standard experienced foreign teacher. The system is warmly welcome by more than 800 teachers, parents, collaborators who participate in the development. The online education community with the motto of bringing teachers home, to the agency. Each individual creates his or her own career on the Global Star’s online platform platform, ensuring long-term income, developing a sustainable education system.

The Global Star English language system has received a wealth of trust and love from parents, students through breakthrough in teaching methods and a staff of enthusiastic teachers who always support students before, during and after school. In addition, the policy of “commitment to quality of output” after learning is one of the highlights to help students completely assured when they trust the Global Star to train their English skills.


Become an organization of intensive English training and prestigious differences in Vietnam and Asian countries.


Universal education in English throughout Vietnam and Asia, for a future generation of good English is ready to step out to the world “let’s speak to the world”.


Create motivation – Dedication – inspiration


The Global Star English language system specializes in online English training for children aged 6-15, English communication for the working person, committed to communicating fluently with indigenous peoples after the end of the course. In addition, Global Star is a location of IELTS, TOEIC, reliable in Hanoi. With the dedicated support of the Vietnamese Teachers Team 8.0 + IELTS, 850 + TOEIC… and seasoned native teachers, many of our students have gained the IELTS score as desired, shortening their school time and saving a lot of expenses for the examinations.

The curriculum at Global Star is always focused on the age-appropriate design and capacity of each student to help them achieve their knowledge in the most comprehensive way. We are confident in not only helping our students achieve high results in exams, but also to easily remove language barriers when communicating in international environments.

Moreover, we are not merely teaching but also the place of motivation and inspiration for you not only learn English but also to explore the potential of each student, help the children shine in the environment, the field of activity… And there will be much more excellent global stars.


With strict selection standards and special requirements to be able to grade and communicate knowledge to students, teachers of the Global Star English system are assured of the degree of credibility and have a lot of experience in the field of international English teaching


At the Global Star English language system, we have been continuing to develop and maximize the facilities and the foundation of technology to optimize the quality of each lesson. With a diverse online classroom, multi-dimensional, dynamic interactions, academic spirit stimulation, and the highest student creativity. In which each teacher is always friendly, close, ready to tell, spread the love of English to students. We especially focus on using the latest European software, the most versatile curriculum.


With the best meeting of strict requirements for global partners for the examination organization as well as the quality of students, the Global Star English language system is recognized and officially become a partner of many reputable organizations around the world. FOLDER PHOTO PARTNERS


The plus point of the Global Star English system is the maximum interest of teachers and the system. Students of the Global Star English language system are free to join the Speaking Club for the weekend. Besides, students are provided with additional homework and useful references to achieve the best learning outcomes.



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